Cathy Lynch · Associate AIA

Project Manager · Associate 

Cathy believes organization and communication are key to juggling multiple projects. She is a highly experienced Project Manager and an Associate for the firm. If you go into her office, you’ll be greeted by color coordinated lists and Wolverine – he guards her desk.

No two days look the same for Cathy; she handles document review across all stages of the design process for our office. Any project that comes out of the MA+ office, you can be sure has crossed her desk at least once. Cathy also supports our office staff by answering questions and offering guidance on all of our projects during any point in the design process. With so much to keep track of, is it any wonder that organization is so important?

When she takes a break from being Wonder Woman, you can find her at home with her husband Jason and their three cats probably watching Star Trek Discovery or any other Sci-Fi shows. Cathy also loves to read, crochet, and tells the most animated stories.