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Oklahoma Tribal Flag Plaza

Oklahoma City · Oklahoma

With thirty-six Indian Tribes, Oklahoma is unique among all the States of the union in the number of Indian Tribes and the number of Indians residing in the State.  Also unique is their importance to the richness of the Oklahoma Culture.  To honor their importance to the Oklahoma way of life, the Legislature voted the funds to display the flag of each Tribe on the Capitol grounds.

The Flag Plaza of the Oklahoma Indian Tribes was conceived in a simple bold form to beautifully reflect the dignity of our Native Americans and their oneness with nature. 

Inspired by the Spiro Mounds, the 100 foot in diameter earthen mound rises 8' above the plains. Flags circling the perimeter represent the Tribes of Oklahoma.  Four entrances, one for each direction, cut though the mound and slope downwards to the "center of the earth".  Ten foot polished black granite walls surround the "Spring of Life" sculpture at the center.  Water flows over the polished surface of the fire formed granite boulder to complete symbolism of the elements of nature.

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