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Kristen Gille · NCIDQ 

Registered Interior Designer

Kristen comes from a family of technically skilled artists, so precise and innovative composition runs in her blood. Her love of great design began as a child often rearranging her bedroom, laying out plans for her dream home, and running down the paint aisle of the local hardware store in hopes she’d catch the paint mixer in action. She initially followed her second, but equally cherished, academic focus in mathematics, ultimately earning her Interior Design degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Her professional background blends over a decade of experience in interior design and estimating and construction management, but she finds the most fulfillment in being part of the design team; helping outline all the factors that drive a project from conception to completion. Kristen’s design process is carefully calculated yet inspired and purposeful. Aiming to marry all the demands of a project without sacrificing quality design or blowing budget constraints drives Kristen from the core.

Home is where the heart is for Kristen, who spends the majority of her time outside the office trying to keep up with her husband, Grant and raising their two boys. When schedules allow, the Gilles are ambitious travelers and adventure finders.

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