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Marty Law

Digital Arts Director

An Oklahoma native and child of an Air Force officer, Marty grew up in several states across the southern U.S., from Florida to Arizona, and even spent a year in South Korea. His formal education culminated at Oklahoma State University where he studied engineering, but ultimately finished with a degree in Graphic Design. Although many elements would factor into this change of direction, he would ultimately attribute this decision to the impressive visuals of the iconic Xbox game, Halo. However, he typically keeps that information to himself.

During a computer graphics introduction course, Marty got his first taste of 3D modeling. He was hooked, appreciating both the technical and artistic aspects of the process, and continued to develop his 3D modeling skillset in parallel with his graphic design studies. His first career job was as an in-house graphic designer for a casino in a small town in the Arizona mountains, but within a few years he ended up in the 3D architectural visualization field back in Oklahoma.

With well over a decade of experience, Marty utilizes his wide range of digital skillsets to create engaging, high-quality 3D renderings and animations for the many ongoing and future projects of MA+ Architecture. His detail-oriented process allows for accurate digital depictions of yet-to-be-built spaces and structures, which can serve as both design tools and marketing tools to spark excitement for new architectural ventures.

In the free moments between his duties as a husband and father, Marty indulges his love of film, literature, and video games. The variety of places he called home growing up cultivated a love of both the mountains and the ocean. His hopes for the future are to one day visit every U.S. National Park, take a drive up the west coast on Highway 101, watch every film on the AFI Top 100 lists, own a sports car with a stick shift again, and ultimately, like most fathers, pass on all of these passions to his son.

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