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University of Oklahoma Bicycle Master Plan

Norman, OK

Master Planning, Education

MA+ Architecture teamed with Alta Planning + Design to develop Master Plan recommendations for a network of enhanced paths and bike lanes throughout the University of Oklahoma Norman campus, along with improved bike parking and other facilities. The university’s primary challenge was getting a greater number of 30,000 students and staff to use bicycles on campus. Contributing factors included the lack of on-the-ground bike facilities, the inability to store bicycles inside the residence halls, and a lack of awareness of safety issues, such as helmet use on campus.

The plan recommended a network of north-south and east-west routes through campus. Separate paths for cyclists and pedestrians with striped bike lanes on certain roads have been implemented throughout the campus and through the immediate surrounding area. This plan needed to be phased based on priority, so the design team included a series of phased roll-outs for the campus-wide updates.

The main goal of the plan is to make bicycling at the university safer. Bicycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly activity, and is one of the fastest ways to get around campus. As the campus grows, it is expected that more people will want to ride, so we want to make sure they can do so safely. The plan is to create a system where everyone can feel comfortable riding a bike, or if you prefer to walk you don’t feel threatened by other riders.

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