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Saint John of Nepomuk

Yukon · Oklahoma

MA+ Architecture has performed a variety of design services spanning an array of different areas within the St. John of Nepomuk church and school campus. Between 1993 and 2008, those updates have included an addition to the original church sanctuary, a remodel of the parish hall, and an addition to the school.

MA+ is once again working with the St. John of Nepomuk clergy and staff on the design of their new Discipleship Building. This addition will serve the Parish on the first floor with a conference room and a large multi-use meeting space. The large meeting space also serves as a storm shelter to protect both Parishioners and students in the case of severe weather. The second floor will serve the School with new Middle School Classrooms. We are excited to be working alongside The Boldt Company and the church to create a new space that supports both fellowship and education.

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