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Ida Freeman Elementary

Storm Shelter

Edmond · Oklahoma

Ida Freeman’s new media center will be focused on reading. This theme was selected out of tribute to Ida Freeman and the years she spent with children reading as an educator with Edmond area schools. The theme encourages students to discover literature in a new and engaging way.

Special Features:


Upon entry, there is a giant book opened on the wall which will showcase news and books of the month, and also provides a book drop slot for quick returns. The new media center will feature four zones:


1. The circulation desk under a “book spine” accent where students can work on finding new books and check out with their teachers.

2. The learning stair where teachers will have the opportunity to teach a mini lesson while students sprawl out on a multi level platform. It will also double as book storage underneath and have a ledge off the back for teachers to hold staff meetings.

3. The READ wall creates spaces for bookshelves and nooks for students within the sculpted letters. This wall will also be the background for student work at tables and be a big meeting location for the staff of Ida Freeman.

4. Just outside of the media center, a great outdoor learning space is being created as well as an indoor collaboration zone with floor to ceiling marker boards.


The school is also gaining a Maker/STEM Room, new art room, and enlarged teacher work room out of the existing library location.

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