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Our storm shelter and safe school projects.

MA+ Architecture is a leader in the design of Tornado Storm Shelters, Safe Rooms, and Hardened Spaces for the state of Oklahoma. For over fifty years we have been making our schools safer with functional, cost effective design. Members of the National Storm Shelter Association, our experienced storm shelter design team has assisted multiple school districts, universities, and career tech centers with the design and construction of storm shelters and FEMA rated safe rooms to protect over 20,000 Oklahomans. These shelters can be added to existing school campuses or be incorporated into the design of new education facilities.


In addition to Storm Shelters, MA+ has vast, real world experience in Safety and Security Design. With every education project we undertake, safety and security are paramount in the design of the facility. To create safer schools, we utilize basic planning concepts as well as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design theory. Combining these principles with the extensive knowledge and experience of our dedicated team, MA+ Architecture continues to create safe, secure learning environments for Oklahoma’s students.


For more information about Tornado Storm Shelter and Safe Room Design, please check out our specialized website:

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