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Our 3D Visualization projects.

MA+ Architecture offers a full range of visualization services, including 3D computer rendering and animation. With decades of combined experience, our design team is capable of creating realistic, accurate, and engaging digital images of your current or future projects. Our advanced computer rendering software gives us the ability to quickly generate high-quality images and animations, allowing us to meet demanding deadlines. Furthermore, having our visualization services in-house allows for fluid communication between our digital artists and our architects and interior designers, further reducing turnaround time. Our detail-oriented process allows for accurate digital depictions of yet-to-be-built spaces and structures, which gives both client and architect the capability to make informed design decisions. This process can ultimately save on project costs by seeing the final result long before the first brick has been laid.

In addition to our 3D rendering and animation services, we also utilize the latest in VR technology to allow both client and designer to see their projects from a truly first-person point of view. Using one of our Oculus Rift VR headsets, a person can experience the full immersion of virtual reality and explore a new building or space before construction has even begun. Much like rendering and animation, VR can also serve as a valuable design tool, giving the user an instant sense of scale and allowing for thorough observation of the relationship between material, shape, light, and space. 


Whether you require awe-inspiring animations to captivate the imagination of your client, or simple perspectives to help you decide on a dynamic color palette for your new space, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

The gallery below is a small sample of the architectural visualization work MA+ has done over the past several years.

MA+ Demo Reel 2020
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