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Kalie Sheppard · NCIDQ
Registered Commercial Interior Designer

Kalie has loved design from an early age and often redesigned her bedroom growing up. She credits her dad for her path since he suggested she look into interior design or architecture as a career. She took a CAD class in high school and greatly enjoyed it, but when college came, she couldn’t decide between an Interior Design and Architecture major. After speaking with MA+ leadership, the interior designers won her over and the rest is history.

She works with owners and architects to layout interior spaces and select beautiful yet durable finishes and furnishings. Kalie is involved from the first design meeting all the way through furniture move in. Her favorite part of being a designer is creating functional and pleasing spaces for you and your staff.

After hours and on weekends Kalie loves spending time with her family. They frequent coffee shops, explore old buildings, and enjoying the outdoors. She proudly represents her alma mater, Oklahoma State University, and every once in a while brings in yummy treats she baked.

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