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Classen SAS High School at NE Auditorium Renovation

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Education, Interior Design, Furniture Selection

The Classen SAS at Northeast auditorium was in need of significant upgrades to modernize the performance hall and stage areas. The entire space, from seating, walls, ceilings, all needed to be updated to provide a more modern design for the theater followed by upgraded theatrical lighting, sound, and stage systems. This remodel also included a major upgrade to the HVAC systems serving the performance space. Included in the designs were an orchestra pit and lift system as well as new dressing rooms, storage spaces, stage rigging, and a new control booth and ticketing office.

The auditorium also received lighting, carpet, and acoustical treatments, including acoustical wall panels and configurations to accent the original Art Deco elements of the auditorium.

Extensive coordination between the end user and the design team allowed the design to respond to all the needs of the programs. Detailed coordination between all consultants allowed the design to function as requested and respond to all the competing requirements from the various fine arts programs.

The discrepancy in the schedule for Classen SAS came from some unforeseen structural issues that added to the scope. The MA+ team progressed with documents that incorporated the additional items into the design.

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