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Deer Creek Transition Center

Edmond, OK

Furniture Selection, Interior Design, Education

Deer Creek School's 2016 Bond projects were finalized in 2020. The projects were completed by MA+ and managed to stay well below budget, resulting in surplus building funds for the district. These available funds catalyzed a collaboration between the district and the Parent Support Group for Students with Special Needs.

To better serve the district's students with special needs, the subsequent major design endeavor focused on establishing a dedicated space for skills training. This space aimed to empower these students with the essential abilities to lead independent lives successfully, thus enhancing their overall quality of life and integrating them as essential community members.

Spanning 4,108 square feet, the Transition Center boasts a residential-style layout that encompasses living and dining spaces, kitchens, a laundry room, and simulated bedrooms and bathrooms tailored for educational purposes. Additionally, the floor plan encompasses two classrooms and two quiet rooms. These quiet rooms serve as meeting venues for the parent support group, while also facilitating student collaboration with instructors, leadership collectives, and district entities that involve their peers. This setup fosters the cultivation of friendships and valuable experiential learning opportunities.

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