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First Baptist Church Cherokee

Cherokee, OK

Worship, Interior Design

Constructed in the early 1950s, First Baptist Church in Cherokee, Oklahoma, began with an education center. In 1954, a church sanctuary was added. The historic sanctuary structure features original textured stained glass and large wood trusses supporting a cathedral-style ceiling. An inclined floor ensures excellent views from every seat. In 1999, a reception hall was added to the property for church events. The project comprises three building additions and a 10,700-square-foot renovation of the existing education building and sanctuary. Sanctuary upgrades include a lobby/gathering space with a neighboring coffee bar, an expanded stage with ADA ramp access, a raised balcony to increase lower-level ceiling height, and a media control room. A 1,014-square-foot stair addition provides two exit pathways: one from the sanctuary balcony and one from the second floor of the education building. It also offers ADA entry and exit via an exterior ramp. The 514-square-foot elevator addition establishes a new south entry point to the education building and grants ADA access to the previously inaccessible second floor. The third addition includes a 2,132-square-foot expansion of the existing fellowship hall, currently serving as a reception hall, featuring a new conference room and offices for church staff.

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