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Mustang High School Baseball and Softball Training Facilities

Mustang, OK

Athletics, Education

Following the success of the Baseball Locker Rooms completed in 2010, Mustang High School was in need of an indoor training facility for their baseball and softball programs. MA+ was selected to construct the baseball training facility and update the existing baseball facilities to match the design scheme of the other athletic programs at the Mustang High School campus.

The project consisted of a new 8,500-square-foot facility with artificial turf flooring at the interior of the building. The turf area is set up so that it can provide 12 batting cages/pitching lanes or the netting can slide along a cable suspension system to open the entire space up for infield practice during inclement weather. In addition, the building also contains changing areas for the softball team, two restrooms and storage areas for equipment. It was also desired by Mustang Public Schools that all the athletic facilities on the campus have the same design standard.

This design standard was created by MA+ for the football and basketball venues and was brought to the design of the baseball training facility. This same color scheme was applied to all the existing baseball facilities. This created a coordinated baseball complex appearance and helps to identify this as part of the successful Mustang Athletics Program. This was a fast track construction project that was required to be completed before the start of the high school baseball season. From the start to finish the construction of the facility was completed in just six months.

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