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OKC Fire Station No 31


MA+ Architecture designed a new 16,000-square-foot fire station to replace the city’s 1960s era station. More than a replacement, the new station grew in size to accommodate locations for a Battalion Chief and staff and was located north of the existing station.

The project consisted of a new 6,600-square-foot living area, housing shifts of 15 people, with a day room, three group bedrooms, three single bedrooms, kitchen, workout room, offices, restrooms, and flexible locker room spaces. The Fire Station also included a new 8,200-square-foot apparatus bay consisting of five double-loaded bays that housed up to 10 fire vehicles.

Station 31 was based on the latest design standards for hot zone separation. This plan layout helped improve the lives of the firefighters who lived and worked in the station. Other safety aspects of the new station included a storm shelter designed to meet ICC-500 requirements.

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