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Southwestern Oklahoma State University Esports Auditorium

Weatherford, OK

Education, Interior Design, Furniture Selection, Athletics

Southwestern Oklahoma State University boasts one of, if not the only, competitive esports arena in the state of Oklahoma. This brand-new esports arena is located within the SWOSU Wellness Center on the Weatherford campus. This renovation project converted 3,200 square feet of space, previously used as a racquetball court, into an esports facility. Dedicated to the university’s esports program, this space is capable of hosting two teams of six and 130 spectators.

The design team practiced an extensive coordination process with the university, blending IT, electrical, audiovisual, and architectural elements to create an atmosphere supportive of their specialized gaming system layout needs. This unique and engaging design not only accommodates esports players and spectators on campus, but it also provides greater opportunities for SWOSU’s esports program to connect people around the world through gaming right here in Oklahoma.

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