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Stafford Archives at SWOSU

Weatherford, OK

Civic, Furniture Selection, Interior Design

Weatherford native and Oklahoma Hall of Fame laureate, General Thomas P. Stafford has donated a comprehensive collection of items documenting his life’s work to Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Visitors may now visit the Stafford archives at its new home in the Al Harris Library at SWOSU Weatherford.

The design of this archival space utilizes the latest in preservation technology and techniques to house sensitive historical documents and papers highlighting Stafford’s lifetime of achievements. A branded lounge area seamlessly connects the campus library with the archive’s entrance featuring Stafford, his honors, and space missions.

On the opposite side of glass partitions sits an open meeting space equipped to host groups and two compartmentalized spaces, both temperature and humidity sensitive; a collaborative research workspace with an island, and the archival records storage. All spaces were designed to be accessible, safe, and secure promoting the well-being of the archived material and visitors alike.

Project Gallery

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