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The Historic Mattie Beal Home Restoration and Renovation

Lawton, OK


Constructed in 1908, The Historic Mattie Beal Home was the first in Lawton to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 14-room mansion provides a glimpse into how early residents lived. The home reopened in 2005 after a three year restoration designed by MA+ Architecture. The McMahon Foundation and the City of Lawton provided most of the funds to restore the Home.

The home's original design has been described as Neoclassical Greek Revival but additionally it had a Mediterranean roof line and Baroque bas relief ornaments. The house was saved from demolition in the ‘70s by the Lawton Heritage Association. They did extensive renovation work, much of which was to remove the scars of World War II use when the house was converted into an apartment house. By 2002, major restoration was again required. The home was restored to bring it back to the Art Deco style which Mattie Beal had remodeled it to in 1923. The foundation and basement walls were stabilized and new air conditioning and heat were installed. All surfaces, both interior and exterior, were reworked including replacement of rotting roof brackets and missing stair balustrades and new historic paint schemes.

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