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The Marketplace at Strawberry Fields

Oklahoma City, OK


As a major component of the Oklahoma City “Core to Shore” plan, the Strawberry Fields development is at the heart of it all. This exciting new district sits directly off of the new Oklahoma City Boulevard, West of the new Scissortail Park. The Marketplace at Strawberry Fields provides a gathering place where visitors can enjoy a meal or outdoor events while taking in the surrounding views.

This site boasts two unique historic buildings with potential for event and hospitality functionality, as well as a historic warehouse building with 6,000 square feet of hospitality space potential. The building’s original construction has been well maintained and will be a design feature to the new space. The outdoor event and dining space brings the two historic sites together and also provides a 6,000-square-foot private space for outdoor events.

Rooted in tradition, long after the novelty wears off, this marketplace atmosphere will remain a fresh landmark in downtown Oklahoma City. Cultivating a food-centric place-making experience like none other in the region. Residents and travelers alike can enjoy the district’s offerings.

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