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Audrey Stehsel

Project Manager

Audrey, a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma, earned her bachelor’s degree in Architecture and dove headfirst into her professional career. Known for her creative mind and love for math since childhood, Audrey's passion for architecture blossomed as she combined these interests. With each project, she eagerly seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills.

Beyond her role as a project manager, Audrey immerses herself in various creative endeavors, from experimenting in the kitchen to designing new outfits and accessories. Her dedication to infusing design and innovation into every aspect of her life is evident. Additionally, her love for travel fuels her curiosity, inspiring her to seek new perspectives.

Audrey’s passion for learning, creativity, and attention to detail infuse her work with a fresh perspective at MA+. She brings a dynamic energy to the team, driving innovation and excellence in every project she undertakes.

Audrey Stehsel
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