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Mike Lynch

Project Manager

Mike Lynch, also known as Papa Mike, joined MA+ as a field certified project manager after 20+ years as a field superintendent. He reviews construction documents for accuracy and constructability and is responsible for construction administration on his projects.

Mike grew up playing on job sites and working in the family construction business. By age 10, he was running a dozer and pushing dirt! Some of his favorite projects throughout his career include the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education at the University of Oklahoma and The JDM Place in Bricktown. He will tell you, "There's a wonderful feeling knowing that what you've built will be there far longer than we will."

Transitioning from the field into an architecture office environment has provided Mike with the unique experience and perspective to ensure our construction documents are 100% complete and free of any constructability issues. Knowing both sides of the project has brought a tremendous amount of insight and wisdom to all of our architects and designers at MA+.

In his spare time, you can find him and his wife playing with their grandkids or out riding motorcycles. If you ever need a pep talk or a good laugh, just call and ask for Mike.

Mike Lynch
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