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Shaun Snyder

Project Manager

Shaun Snyder is a project manager with two decades of experience in the industry. He is a graduate from the University of Oklahoma, where he received his bachelor's in Architecture. Shaun was born and raised in Oklahoma City and is a proud member of the Cherokee Nation.

Shaun's love for art, weather, aviation, and craftsmanship all eventually combined into his decision to pursue a career in architecture. He likes to describe architecture as, "a three-dimensional medium for telling a story with a controlled experiential reaction to spaces." Shaun enjoys spending his time learning all that he can about Revit's features and has coined himself as a certified "Reviteer."

When Shaun's not in the office, you can find him building something in woodshop, dreaming about the possibility of patenting his inventions, watching Top Gun or Dances with Wolves, and growing his knowledge about the various aspects of the advancing Building Information Modelling industry.

Shaun Snyder
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