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Tayler Thompson

Project Architect


Tayler is an experienced project architect who was born and raised in Davis, Oklahoma. Tayler drew on her experience working in the commercial furniture industry as a space planner, along with her degrees in Interior Design from Oklahoma State University and Architecture from the University of Oklahoma to fuel a career that boasts more than 10 years' worth of design and project management experience. Tayler has a wide range of project types under her belt, such as residential (multi-family, affordable housing (low income housing tax credits/LIHTC, and custom), K-12, commercial and historic rehabilitation. As well as being a licensed architect in the state of Oklahoma, Tayler also enjoys drawing on her strong ties to the Ardmore and Davis communities.

Outside of work, Tayler loves spending time at home with her husband Brandon, their two kids, Lucy and Parker, and their two dogs. She enjoys the small-town life where she knows just about everyone and has room to roam. She also enjoys painting, loves true crime podcasts, reading (mystery and historical fiction the most - the ones that make you think), visiting local parks and nature centers and trying new recipes.

Tayler Thompson
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