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Liz Cobb

Marketing Director

Born in Norman, Oklahoma, Liz moved to the West Coast at a young age and grew up in California where her love of good food and culture was cultivated. Upon moving back to Oklahoma in 2006, she was introduced to the architecture industry and has been in love ever since.

Her aptitude for learning quickly serves her well as a member of the firm’s Marketing Team. Her history and interest with visuals and storytelling go hand-in-hand and enable her to share the firm’s story and client’s stories in an eloquent and aesthetically pleasing manner.

A true advocate for the betterment of all; she co-leads a local chapter of Citizen’s Climate Lobby, volunteers with the Homeless Alliance, and supports the local comedy and arts community. When she’s not out saving the planet, she’s studying to finish her Fashion Marketing degree.

Liz loves to travel, but she also likes to curl up with a good book. As an Anglophile and Francophile, she’s always down to try new food, wine, or craft beer with friends. 

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